Published On: February 28th, 2021

Whew!! 2 months behind us and all the tell-tale signs of Spring is right around the corner. Daylight savings time, longer warmer days, new flower growth and blooms. Covid’s downward trend which we are all hoping continues with the vaccines being given.

Thankful for flowers to keep my mind and heart at ease. These last few weeks, I’ve been working on floral techniques and colors. Lots of ideas are peaking my enthusiasm and really enjoying this planning phase.

This week I got a call from someone’s granddaughter wanting to send her “nana” a birthday bouquet. Her grandma turned 82 years young. She wanted me to drop off her flowers at her work. She still worked and wasn’t even remotely ready to stop. And “nana” didn’t have to work, she wanted to work and loved every day she was there.
Happy Birthday Nana!! Keep loving life as you continue to give it your all.


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